Go With The Flow by Senibe Princess

Hi ladies! We all know that feeling, we’ve all felt it at some point when we didn’t know our periods were due and it just crept up on us like a Monday morning coupled with the nausea, headaches and mood swings. But hey! These are perfectly normal and a part of the process. A helpful way to reduce the impact is to be prepared for it by tracking your period dates and cycle.

If you don’t want to use your journal, diary or calendar, there are apps which can help send reminders to your phone some days before your period. Some of my personal favorites are Flo, Period diary  and Period and ovulation tracker all free on the IOS App Store. Being prepared a few days before helps the process feel less tiresome and this way, you can get your hot water bottles, and pain relievers ready instead of being caught unawares. You’re welcome.

Alexa Chukwumah