Suru Alaba Outreach

The outreach in Suru Alaba was a follow up to our visit for the month of March. We were able to meet with about 25 girls. Mide, Nkem and Lade were on there to teach the girls about menstrual hygiene management. 

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They were were very excited, there was a recap on what was taught the last time and most of them were very grateful for what they learned, stating that they've incorporated most of the teachings into their lives and especially during their periods. 

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Mide revised on: 
1. Proper hygiene during your period: "DON’T WASH, DON’T BURN, DON’T FLUSH”.

2. How long a pad can be worn and how the practice of double padding wasn’t useful 

3. Having on-the-go sanitary products in your bag just in case. 

4. How to calculate and understand your menstrual cycle. 

5. Proper ways to depose used pads and washing your hands after. 

4. The importance of sticking to a particular product.

The girls were really happy and grateful for the pads they were given at the end of the program.

They know now that Sanitary Aid NG will provide free pads every month for them.


Go to our Instagram page @sanitaryaidng to watch a video from Pamela, one of the girls from Suru Alaba.

Alexa Chukwumah