The Sanitary Aid Initiative was established in January 2017 to address the needs of 65% of the Nigerian female population who do not have access to sanitary pads. The organisation aims to provide free sanitary pads and other sanitary products including soaps, wipes, toilet bags, disinfectant, clean underwear etc. to girls from low-income families across public schools in Nigeria and girls in Internally Displaced Persons Camps across the country.

Through donations from individuals and organisations set up to help women, we have been able to raise over 1 million naira towards the purchase of sanitary hygiene products. To ensure consistency and reasonable coverage, once a month, we host a Sanitary Drive in Lagos to get more people involved in the product procurement through donations of sanitary products as well as help spread the word on our campaign.

 We are constantly looking for organisations to partner with in our drive to support women across the country. Please see our donate page for information on how you can help.